Final(ish) Cover for Sense Memory!

Take a look…and let me know what you think!

Cover for the Novel

Cover for the Novel


Recording is Zooming!

With only 12 days to my self-imposed deadline, I have 64 pages left to record.  That’s not including all of the retake lines where the boy is sighing in the background or the dogs, or the sirens, or any number of other invasive sounds of the neighborhood that made it onto the track with my expressed permission.  But, 64 pages can be done in two days, so I’d say I’m in pretty good shape!  

This has been a miraculous system of revision.  The latest line that has repeated way too many times: “Ben had never felt pain like this in his entire life.”

Aside from that being a kinda crappy line, it certainly does not have any business being written in one book more than one time.  I’ve counted five so far.  And subsequently deleted four of them.  

All right.  Back to work.  And away we go…


Website Design

Alrighty then!  Well, the website is getting much closer to what I’d like it to be.  I’m going for striking, bold, yet clean and navigable.  Hopefully that’s what I’ve achieved here.  

Next is to force myself to stop fussing with the banner, or the design, and get back to editing audio.  My goal is to have the audio book uploaded and available by February 20th, and then to release the eBook the day after or the day before.  So, getting it all together is turning out to be a crap ton of work but I’m loving every minute.  

All right, all right, I know.  Get back to work.  Okay.  Thanks for stopping by!


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Recording Update

Rosie, the inspiration for Banquer's dog, Demon!

Rosie, the inspiration for Banquer’s dog, Demon!

“Sure, it’s easy…you just write a book and that’s it, right?”

Today I was able to record for about 45 minutes which works itself out to approximately fifteen pages of text.  The boy was not interested in sleeping and the plethora of adorable sighs and grunts that I’ll be editing out over the next few days may also mean more patch recording.  That, and the dogs, made for a not so productive morning.

On the good side of it all, I’m on page 245 of 397, which means that, recording wise, I’m more than halfway done and on the down slope.  Other things I need to do…

  • Finish this website creation with content that will be applicable when the book goes live.  
  • Finish the cover art. (A few photos, some Gimp editing, and we’re good to go!)
  • Format the manuscript for Amazon and Smashwords.
  • Create intros and outros for audio.
  • Break chapters up by episodes, finalize edits.
  • Create a facebook page?
  • Finish recording, finish editing, find time to sleep in there somewhere…
  • Go to Old Chicago’s for birthday.
  • Buy wife flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.
  • Get caught up on Criminal Minds.
  • The usual…

Okay, enough of that!  Off to bed.  In the meantime, GO WRITE!

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