Rosie, the inspiration for Banquer's dog, Demon!
Rosie, the inspiration for Banquer’s dog, Demon!

“Sure, it’s easy…you just write a book and that’s it, right?”

Today I was able to record for about 45 minutes which works itself out to approximately fifteen pages of text.  The boy was not interested in sleeping and the plethora of adorable sighs and grunts that I’ll be editing out over the next few days may also mean more patch recording.  That, and the dogs, made for a not so productive morning.

On the good side of it all, I’m on page 245 of 397, which means that, recording wise, I’m more than halfway done and on the down slope.  Other things I need to do…

  • Finish this website creation with content that will be applicable when the book goes live.  
  • Finish the cover art. (A few photos, some Gimp editing, and we’re good to go!)
  • Format the manuscript for Amazon and Smashwords.
  • Create intros and outros for audio.
  • Break chapters up by episodes, finalize edits.
  • Create a facebook page?
  • Finish recording, finish editing, find time to sleep in there somewhere…
  • Go to Old Chicago’s for birthday.
  • Buy wife flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.
  • Get caught up on Criminal Minds.
  • The usual…

Okay, enough of that!  Off to bed.  In the meantime, GO WRITE!