Website Design

Alrighty then!  Well, the website is getting much closer to what I’d like it to be.  I’m going for striking, bold, yet clean and navigable.  Hopefully that’s what I’ve achieved here.  

Next is to force myself to stop fussing with the banner, or the design, and get back to editing audio.  My goal is to have the audio book uploaded and available by February 20th, and then to release the eBook the day after or the day before.  So, getting it all together is turning out to be a crap ton of work but I’m loving every minute.  

All right, all right, I know.  Get back to work.  Okay.  Thanks for stopping by!


4 comments on “Website Design

  1. The website looks great! Now go write!
    P.S. If Rosie was a boy, her name would be Quasimodo. In fact, not even quasi-, she is full modo!

  2. I’m gonna tell her you said that! Oh, she just woofed and tried to chase a cat that wasn’t there through the wall. Pugs!

  3. P.S. only 15 days left!!!

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