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Author, Playwright, Teacher, Clown, Wackaloon


But where do we get those wonderful toys…?



Stage Ghost Designs

 Stage Ghost Designs

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  1. I bought the book! Loved it! Here’s my review:

    This book dragged me into its world and then slowly unraveled it’s weird mysteries, pulling me along all the while with little character quirks and jokes that cracked me up. It is dark, funny, twisty and mysterious. I could never tell what was going to happen next in the story, and always wanted to know was going to happen next. This is a tale spun from Brion’s deep wells of creativity, offering up something unlike anything you’ve read before. The creative ideas in this book are inspiring. It was a little “The Door To December” by Dean Koontz, a little, “I Am Not A Serial Killer” by Dan Wells, and yet very much something all its own and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It is very much in the awesome and unique voice of Brion Humphrey. For a first novel, this is one heck of a horse to come out of the gates with. I can’t wait to read his next one, because he’s only going to get better and he’s already a gifted writer and storyteller. If you’re looking for something a little different sprinkled with many of the things you love from other genre fiction books, you should grab a copy of this book. It’s a fun read that keeps you turning the pages with it’s interesting characters, shocking action, and gripping modern story world wrapped in layers of strange treasures to unveil.

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