sequels1Recently, odin1eye at View from Valhalla rebooted his podcast reviewing books or podcast fiction and I was honored to have Sense Memory be the first book reviewed.  As an update to his previous format, odin1eye brought on a guest host to discuss the merits and shortcomings of the book being reviewed and in this episode, the guest was Katharina Bordet, from The Every Photo Tells podcast.

They both had some excellent things to say (complimentary and critical), but there was one specific idea that I felt I needed to flesh out for myself and what better forum than this?   The episode, by the way, can be found here:

The concept that was posited by Katharina Bordet had to do with whether or not Sense Memory would be better served by a sequel, or by a series of short stories that existed within the world and characters of Sense Memory.  What an intriguing concept.

I love the idea of exploring further material surrounding Ben, Banquer, and Sonja as short and concise interludes and think this would be an excellent vehicle with which to develop the landscape and enrich the story itself.


While the podcast review of the book brought the hosts to the conclusion that the majority of the loose ends had been tied up and there are not enough threads still tossing in the wind to neccessitate an entire sequel, a sequel is in progress and there is plenty for me to play with and explain in the coming books.  Yes…that would be books, plural.  Sense Memory was originally written with a much grander journey in mind and there are sprinklings of subtle conflict all throughout the book that will soon take root and explode into the beast I intended this story to become.

The idea of writing seperate short stories rather than a sequel is brilliant.  And I absolutely intend to take that advice on the “other project” I’m completing this summer.  This “other” world is much more conducive to the fracturing and mining that short works thrive on.  I’m not trying to be purposefully over-vague…okay, yes I am.  But you can watch the progress on this “other” story in the meter in the right side bar.  It is labeled “Sub Ex.”

So, thank you to Katharina Bordet and odin1eye and the View from Valhalla podcast for taking the time to discuss my work and offering your inspired insights.  Even though I may not take your advice on this book, I certainly plan to apply it to the next.