ConfusedOkay, so I have a book on Amazon.  Now what?  

Well, first, I suppose a huge and slobbery thank you is in order for those of you who have already gone out to Amazon and purchased the book.  I told my wife that my very first measure of success would be if I sell enough to take her out to dinner.  Sense Memory met that goal on the first day.  So again, thank you all!

I am almost finished with my final pass through the audio version and am very excited to be putting that up soon.  I actually am finding it quite joyful to listen and read it at the same time.  It’s also the only way I can keep myself awake at two in the morning.

I’m also working on a video book preview and I have some really great images in my head that have yet to make it into my camera, but currently my four month old son is the only actor I have at my disposal during the day hours, and if you’ve at least read the description of my book, you’d see why that just won’t work.  I would either end up divorced or in jail, neither of which I have any intention of pursuing.  And while my son will undoubted turn out to be an “A-List” actor, he’s a bit too young for this kind of role!

 But the video will happen, even if I have to play the separate roles myself and use a string to pull the camera along the slider during the shot.

Once these are up and I’ve figured out how to get word of the book out to more than the 50 friends I have who still frequent Facebook (I do seriously have to thank several of you – you know who you are – for sharing my posts and working for me to get word out where you can), it’ll definitely be time to get back in the chair and finish the most recent book endeavor so I can get that puppy released and start working on Sense Memory’s sequel!  Which is going to be bad-ass.

Just saying.  Super bad-ass.

Til’ then…

Super Thank-you’s all around!     (I know that apostrophe is going to drive some of you nuts!  Hee hee hee.)

Go Write.