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A lot has been happening lately, not so much in my writing life, but I’m keeping exceptionally busy in life in general.  Here are the highlights:

It’s more than halfway through summer of 2014.  I am nearing the completion of teaching summer school which consists of helping students re-gain credit through a self-guided computer English program for 4-5 hours per day.  It’s a Monday through Thursday gig and I’m done by noon, which leaves the rest of my day to hang with my boy and my wonderful wife.

I also took a job backstage as a flyman for Peter Pan at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse at Johnson’s Corner.  It’s an excellent show and food is fantastic.  If you’re interested in coming by to see this or any future shows, here’s the link.  This keeps me busy in the evenings for the other half of the week.

Somehow, between these and home projects, playing with the boy, watching True Blood with my favorite lady, I have rekindled the fire to finish writing my second book.  I planted my butt firmly in the writer’s chair and have been able to write 50 some pages in the last two weeks (currently on page 324).  I’m on a roll and committed to ride this wave to completion.

So hopefully, the big news a few months from now will be the release of S. E.  (Title to be revealed…)

That’s it for now.

Go Write.

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